it's pronounced Demi

ig: @pray4deme


I’m gonna be productive today and force myself kick out a lot of drawings before the weekend is over

good because I did and I’m impressed w myself l4444433

there are 10 million people on this site I a guarantee someone has a URL similar to yours it’s not that serious

would U believe me if I said I just took my thong off w/o taking off my shorts


The Roots // You Got Me (Ft. Erykah Badu & Eve)


if someone cant take criticism well i always think they didnt grow up with brothers

I don’t even need to tell u u already know I’m in love trulyharam

jsoskspndndaid how have I found everything in this house except a lighter or a fuckin matchbook

no u talk ugly to me shut up codeinewarrior

Anonymous -  Why not what's wrong with you?

bye boys talk crazy to me that’s not my fault

there will be nothing to invite you too if I can’t find my lighter lil-reina

dude where’s my lighter


I love deme so much she’s perfect like 😍😍